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Early conversations about the future of workers’ compensation coverage in Nova Scotia

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Why the conversations matter

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Through our work, we see the impact of workplace injury every day – on businesses, on our economy, and most of all, on Nova Scotians and their families.

That’s why we’re concerned about the 50,000 workers in this province who have no workplace injury insurance at all. 

As we begin conversations with employers and employees, our goal is to better understand what happens to these unprotected workers when they are injured. We want to know about the impacts to them, their families and their employers. 

We also want to share more about the workers’ compensation system as it exists today, and the protection it offers to both workers and employers. 

We hope to build a greater understanding of why some employers choose not to have workers’ compensation coverage, even when it is available in their industry on a voluntary basis.

What we learn through these conversations will help guide our next steps as we begin to think about what the future of workers’ compensation in Nova Scotia could look like.