Permanent Medical Impairment Assessments

For some Nova Scotians hurt on the job, their workplace injury results in a permanent loss of function that may continue even after medical treatment is complete. This is called a Permanent Medical Impairment (PMI). 

A PMI assessment is a process to determine and measure the extent of the permanent impairment, and is conducted by a doctor. 

The assessment begins with a review of the claim file by the worker and doctor, providing an opportunity for any updates that may be important.

The review is followed by an examination of the injury, and any areas that may be affected by the injury. This will either be done in-person at a WCB office in Halifax or Sydney, or for some injuries, virtually via video conference.  

If it is determined that there is a permanent impairment, an impairment rating will be assigned and used to calculate a Permanent Impairment Benefit

For more information on the PMI assessment process and frequently asked questions, click here.

Virtual PMI Assessments

Nova Scotians injured on the job that have been waiting for an in-person PMI assessment may have the option of seeing a PMI doctor sooner from the comfort of their home, virtually via video conference.

Conducted securely, privately, and confidentially using Microsoft Teams, this new approach is approved for suitable candidates with a straightforward injury assessment, at the discretion of the PMI doctor and only with agreement from you, the worker. 

To download Microsoft Teams for free, visit Microsoft Teams website, and follow the prompts. 

Q. If a virtual PMI assessment is offered, do I need to accept? 

A. If you are uncomfortable participating in a PMI in this way, you don’t have to. WCB Nova Scotia offices in Halifax and Sydney are now open for PMIs and you can remain on the list to wait for an in-person appointment.

Q. I don’t have the technology to participate in a virtual PMI, but I would like to. Can I purchase the equipment and submit an expense?

A. Not at this time. If you’re not already equipped to participate in a real-time video conferences, we will ensure you remain on the list to be scheduled for an in-person assessment in Halifax or Sydney.