Apply to be a WCB approved Service Provider

The WCB Nova Scotia depends on healthcare providers for appropriate diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and return to work/independent living recommendations, as well as timely, quality typed reporting. The WCB Nova Scotia bases the provision of services and treatments on the type of injury sustained, the reports received from healthcare providers and standard healthcare practices in Canada.

Service Provision Proposal Application

All service providers, with the exception of Psychologists and Tier 1 Service Providers, interested in providing services to the WCB Nova Scotia must complete and return this proposal application.

Psychologists and Tier 1 Providers should contact the Coordinator, Service Provider Relationships to obtain the specific contract necessary to become an approved provider.

Application requirements for Tier 1 Service Providers:

Tier 1 Service Provider Application Requirements Service Provider Team Composition (Core Team)

The Core Team member of Tier 1 service is a chiropractor that is a member in good standing of and registered with the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors (NSCC) or a physiotherapist that is a member in good standing of and registered with the Nova Scotia College of Physiotherapists (NSCP).

Services may be provided by a Kinesiologist or Massage Therapist within the Tier 1 clinic but must be under the supervision of a NSCC/NSCP registered member and any associated costs will be considered part of the regular Tier 1 program costs.

The applying clinic shall provide:

  • A listing of all team members (core team member(s) and other treating clinicians under the supervision of the treating chiropractor/physiotherapist) along with their qualifications and resumes must be provided to the WCB at the time of application.
  • Proof of licensure with the NSCC/NSCP.
  • Proof of WCB coverage.
  • Annual updates of any changes to the list shall be provided immediately whenever any staff changes are made or a core team member is no longer available to that provider.
  • Staffing changes that result in not meeting requirements for the program and service delivery will result in revoking Supplier status of “approved” until resource requirements are addressed.

A confirmation of the Supplier’s:

  • Equipment 

Weights up to the 75 lbs max for WCB lifting
Push/pull devise or sled/wheel barrow or some method to measure push/pull
Hand grip dynamometer
Heart rate monitor
Treadmill or walking distance in the clinic /bike /elliptical (or some other device or approach that allows for CV conditioning)
Shelving at different heights
Lifting boxes and tool box

Space availability (floor plan & square footage must be provided) to ensure adequate space to perform assessments as well as office space for professionals to conduct Case Conferences (with telephone capacity), educate and to provide private treatment.

Patient change and rest area with storage facilities for personal belongings.

Disability Advisor on staff

Initial approval will be based upon:

• Submissions received; and

• Results of site visit by the Board’s Health and Extended Benefits Department representatives, as required.

• Continued Supplier approval will be based upon successful performance outcomes and contract compliance.