Pilot Program for Concussion Related Injuries

WCB Nova Scotia has launched a pilot program to better support workers with concussion-related injuries.

Beginning in February, two service providers – Lifemark, and CBI – will treat workers with concussion injuries. These clinics currently treat the majority of the WCB’s concussion claims. They provide province-wide coverage, and each has a full time occupational therapist on their team, which is a key component in concussion management. To find one of these clinics, see the list here.  

As of February 1, any worker with new concussion injuries will be directed to one of the clinics listed above. Workers who sustained an injury prior to February 1 and are currently being treated for concussion-related injuries will continue with their current service provider and treatment program.

The pilot program was informed by the research of the WCB’s former Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Paul Eagan. The intent is to use the pilot to determine the appropriate resources need for concussion management, and to create a concussion management protocol.