Do I Need to Register?

Most employers in Nova Scotia are required by law through the  Workers’ Compensation Act and Regulations to register their business/firm with the Workers' Compensation Board of Nova Scotia and pay premiums.

Mandatory Coverage

Generally, registration is mandatory if you are an employer:

  • Conducting business in a mandatory industry (e.g., hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, fishing, trucking, construction and other manufacturing.)
  • and you have three or more workers at one time. 

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Optional Coverage

If coverage is not mandatory, you can purchase workplace injury insurance in the form of special protection coverage or voluntary coverage -- and protect you, your business and workers in the event of workplace injury.

Special Protection

Special protection coverage is available for proprietors and partners of a business.

Voluntary Coverage

  • Workplace Injury insurance coverage is available for employers not in a mandatory industry  and for employers with less than three workers

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Determining the Number of Workers

About Special Protection

Voluntary Coverage

Family Members

Out of Province Firms