MyAccount Roles and Security Access

There are different levels of access available within MyAccount. Only the person with Employer Administrator Access can assign and change role access. When creating accounts for people within your business, please review the descriptions below to ensure you are assigning the most appropriate role to your contact:

  1. Employer Administrator: access to all functions within MyAccount (claims management, Rates, OHS information, WCB account information) and the ability to create, modify and delete other users on your account. Ability to create and submit all Eforms e.g., Injury Report, or Subcontractor Report. Ability to view all secure messages exchanged between WCB and the employer.
  1. Full Access: access to all functions as the Employer Administrator, but no ability to create, modify and delete other users. Ability to create and submit all Eforms. 
  1. Assessment Only: access to primarily assessment-related information, such as your company’s rates, payroll and experience-rating information. Ability to create and submit Assessment related Eforms only.
  1. Claims Only: access to information that will assist with return-to-work and claims management. Ability to create and submit Injury Report and Contact change report. 
  1. Injury Report Create: access to claims management information and Injury Report create and submit. 
  1. Clearance Letter Only: ability to search and print Clearance letters.
  1. Injury Report Create Only: can create Injury Reports but cannot submit. Access to claim management information.

Secure Messaging and Role Access
Regardless of role, all employers with access to MyAccount have access to the secure messaging feature, allowing you to communicate with WCB, ask questions, and submit information as attachments. Those with an Employer Admin role have the ability to see all messages between WCB and all MyAccount users for that particular employer location.