Stakeholder Benefits

What modernization means: A closer look at the changes

Workers   |   Employers   |   Health Service Providers   |   WCB Employees

For workers:

  • Better return-to-work outcomes
  • Easier access to their information and answers
  • Faster, more predictable service
  • More consistency
  • Increased flexibility in when and how they access the WCB
  • Greater confidence and trust


For employers:

  • Better return-to-work outcomes
  • Less time spent on paperwork and red tape
  • Streamlined assessment processes
  • Ability to do business electronically
  • Timely information
  • Access to more robust data to inform prevention
  • Easier involvement in the process


For service providers:

  • Less time on paperwork and red tape
  • More accessibility to relevant information
  • Automated approvals
  • Ability to do business electronically
  • Faster payments
  • Better data


For WCB employees:

  • Opportunity to do what they do best
  • Better access to information
  • More collaboration
  • Improved ability to plan and manage workload
  • Better business intelligence
  • Innovation and agility
  • Greater pride in their work