Our Business Transformation

For Employers For Workers For Service Providers

Over five years ago, we started a long term business transformation that will allow us to provide better customer service, and better support return to work outcomes and injury prevention.  

We’re reducing red tape, and have moved away from many time-consuming paper-based service processes. 

We’ve implemented new cloud-based claim and assessment systems.

We’ve improved correspondence for workers, and made updates to MyAccount to give employers more online service options.

We created an online support website to help answer your questions about using WCB Online and MyAccount, Now, no matter the time, you can visit support.wcb.ns.ca for 24/7 access to all your online service questions.

The changes will lead to real improvements in the way employers, workers, and service providers interact with us.

For 100 years, WCB Nova Scotia has been here for the workers and employers of our province. As Nova Scotia’s workplace injury insurance provider, we strive to keep Nova Scotians safe and secure from workplace injury. And as we prepare for the next century of service, we know our technology and systems, will be there to support this important work.

Join the thousands of workers and employers who are already doing business with us through WCB Online and MyAccount. It’s secure online access to your information, available at your convenience, 24/7.

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