Government announces legislation to include gradual onset stress by September 1, 2024 (Oct. 13/23)

Today, the Nova Scotia government announced that gradual onset stress will be compensable under the Workers’ Compensation Act, effective September 1, 2024.

“Now that workers’ compensation coverage has expanded to include work-related gradual onset stress, WCB Nova Scotia will work alongside government to deliver these important new benefits for working Nova Scotians,” said WCB CEO Karen Adams.

Between now and the September 1, 2024 effective date, WCB Nova Scotia is planning and preparing to put the necessary processes, programs and policy in place to adjudicate those claims, and making preparations to assist workers and employers in the provision of appropriate services in the prevention and support of psychological injuries.

The bill also increases funeral benefits for families of workers who have died on the job from $4,000 to $15,000, and indexes those benefits to the consumer price index.

Workplace safety includes both physical and psychological health and safety. Gradual onset stress is the consequence of a psychologically unhealthy workplace. The WCB offers a variety of resources and supports for workers and employers to help build psychologically safe and healthy workplaces. Visit to learn more.

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