WCB Nova Scotia adds return-to-work requirement to WCB Safety Certified program (Oct 23/23)

A strong safety culture includes leadership, and policies and practices that focus on workplace safety and injury prevention. It also includes policies, plans, and practices to support workers if an injury occurs in the workplace. That’s why WCB Nova Scotia is building on its safety certification process to include a return-to-work element that formalizes the role of return to work in workplace health and safety.  

A WCB Safety Certified accreditation is issued to companies who have passed an audit of their health and safety management system. Having the accreditation demonstrates to employees, customers and other organizations that the safety certified business takes safety seriously.  Starting January 1, 2024, the WCB Safety Certified audit will expand to include a return-to-work element as part of the assessment. The criteria that will be required to meet this element includes: 

  1. A Return-to-Work Policy: establish, implement, monitor, and maintain a defined return-to-work policy that’s right for the size, industry, and location of the business. 
  2. A Return-to-Work Program: establish, implement, monitor, and maintain a defined return-to-work program that’s right-sized for the business.  
  3. Roles and Responsibilities: define the detailed responsibilities of those involved in supporting a worker after a workplace injury, such as the business owner, supervisor, worker, co-workers, and main point of contact through the process.  
  4. Return-to-work training: ensure the business’s occupational health and safety management system includes training to ensure relevant roles are aware of and understand the return-to-work program, policies and the respective roles and responsibilities.  
  5. Evaluation: establish objectives and measures to monitor and assess the return-to-work program and injuries that occur in the workplace.   

WCB employers who are already safety certified, or who are looking to become safety certified, can find out more about the safety certification and the new return-to-work element on WCB’s websit

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