WorkShift Podcast: Supporting Successful Recoveries with Melissa Jenkins (June 29/23)


In episode ten of the WorkShift podcast, Interim CEO Shelley Rowan speaks with Emergency Medical Care Melissa Jenkins Manager of Health and Wellness about how the organization keeps workers safe and facilitates their successful return to work with a comprehensive and proactive approach if injury does occur.

How can we reshape our perspective on workplace injuries and injury prevention to encompass psychological well-being while navigating the challenges that arise? What does it look like to successfully support workers whose lives have been changed by workplace injury? 

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About Melissa Jenkins 

Melissa Jenkins is the Manager of Health and Wellness for Emergency Medical Care, a province wide organization that administers the EHS contract for ground ambulance, life flight operations and the medical communication center. Melissa leads a team responsible for managing cases of employees who are off sick or experienced work-related injuries.  

About WorkShift

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