Changes to COVID-19 claim costs (April 7/22)

WCB Nova Scotia is committed to doing our part to support workers and employers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Grounded in defining the pandemic as a disaster, under Section 115 of the Workers’ Compensation Act, early claim costs arising from COVID-19 were spread over the general collective liability. There have been relatively few claims for COVID-19 in Nova Scotia, but with this approach, any rate impact was absorbed by the employer base as a whole.  

As we emerge from the state of emergency and continue to live with COVID-19, our overall our approach to managing its impact in the workplace is shifting. 

COVID-19 claims will now be handled the same as other work-related injuries, and costs related to these claims will no longer be excluded from employer rate setting. 

COVID-19 claims with injury dates prior to March 21, 2022 will continue to have their costs spread over the collective liability.