Employer premiums to be deferred until July 2021 to support NS businesses (May 4/21)

WCB Nova Scotia is committed to doing our part to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on Nova Scotians. Working in partnership with the Government of Nova Scotia, we will once again defer all employer premium payments, as we did in March 2020.

This temporary change means that covered employers will not have to worry about paying WCB premiums until July 2021, as together our province continues to experience the extended impact of this global pandemic.

Coming during Safety and Health Week, the announcement is timely. It’s a reminder of the importance of the investment that employers make in reducing the impact of workplace injury through both workplace safety, and valuable protection from injury’s impact through workers’ compensation coverage. 

Employers pay premiums to the WCB on a wide range of payment frequencies. While premiums will accrue, they do not need to be paid. Interest and late payment fees will be waived. 

While payment of premiums is being deferred, you still must report your payroll for the time period, even if it is $0. You can easily do this on MyAccount by navigating to Financials and then Payroll Submission.

Please visit wcb.ns.ca/COVID19 for updates.