New approach to address Traumatic Psychological Injuries (Nov. 18/20)

WCB Nova Scotia is re-imagining the way it supports people who suffer psychological injuries on the job, or who have psychological factors that make recovery from a physical injury more challenging. 

Last week, WCB issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a service provider, or provider group, to develop a comprehensive, integrated, Traumatic Psychological Injury program. 

“Mental health is an increasing concern for all of us. When injuries happen, they tend to be more complex, and it takes longer to achieve healthy, safe return to work,” said Shelley Rowan, Vice President, Prevention and Service Delivery. “We are seeking a committed and experienced partner to diagnose, treat, and support Nova Scotians who experience workplace psychological trauma through their recovery.”

Psychological injuries and mental health impacts on physical injuries have been a significant contributor to increasing claim durations. As they becomes an increasing part of the claims mix, we are seeing the way we support Nova Scotia workplaces change. 

Now, based in research and best practice, we are seeking a new service provider to help us advance our services to workers who experience a traumatic psychological injury on the job, as part of our overall work to improve our mental health services.