New web section on Gradual Onset Psychological Injury now available (Feb.7/24)

WCB Nova Scotia is pleased to announce the addition of a dedicated section on Gradual Onset Psychological Injury to our corporate website. 

This online resource shares how the WCB is preparing to serve Nova Scotians for this new type of compensable injury starting September 1, 2024. It outlines the legislative change at a high level, it discusses draft policy, and it aims to answer questions workers and employers may have. 

It also offers links to a growing inventory of tools and resources that can help to support psychologically safer workplaces. It will be updated regularly as we approach the effective date in September.
“Everyone deserves a workplace that prioritizes mental health,” says Shelly Dauphinee, WCB Nova Scotia’s Associate Vice President of Psychological Injury. “We want to make it easier for workers and employers to reduce the risk of psychological injury in the workplace, and - with safe return to work as a principle - to navigate the claim journey successfully, when gradual onset stress compensability comes into effect this fall.” 
Visit the new section at Gradual Onset Psychological Injury.