Q2 Report to the Community: Embracing a new reality toward a new future (Nov. 12/20)

WCB Nova Scotia’s Q2 Report to the Community is now available, and highlights the organization’s response to COVID-19 how we are embracing our new reality toward a new future.

April, May and June saw a significant downturn in economic activity, which meant a drop in the number of time-loss workplace injuries in Q2 2020 – 958 compared to 1,225 in the same period in 2019. However, due to a number of factors, the composite duration index, or the average number of days per claim, is up to 167 days as of Q2. 

Operational highlights in the report include a look at how we’re supporting COVID-19 prevention efforts with new workplace resources, an update on our response to the Auditor General report, a summary of the 2020 WSIS Annual Meeting and much more. 

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