WCB Nova Scotia announces further support for employers during COVID-19 (May 29/20)

HALIFAX, NS – Employers who have workers contract COVID-19 due to their work will not have the costs of those workplace injury insurance claims impact their industry rate or individual experience rating, WCB Nova Scotia announced today.

“Workers and employers are facing unprecedented challenges arising from COVID-19,” said Stuart MacLean, CEO. “Claims costs arising from COVID-19 will not impact industry rates, or the experience rating of the individual employer, and will instead be spread over the general collective liability.”  

As of today, there were 39 Nova Scotia workers who received compensation due to COVID-19, 19 of whom have returned to work.

The change announced today means that instead of an individual employer or industry having their rates affected by costs from claims related to COVID-19, they will be absorbed by the employer base as a whole. 

Based on the relatively low numbers, the impact to any individual employer will be very small, if it is noticed at all. The change is not expected to impact the average rate.

Employer premium payments will also continue to be deferred until October 2020, including waiving of late fees and interest.