New Employer Orientation

Your WCB insurance provides your company with protection against lawsuits over workplace injuries. Regardless of who is at fault, an employee cannot sue their employer if the employer has workers’ compensation coverage.

In return, WCB provides a range of health care benefits and services to workers as they prepare to return to work. For those who can’t return to work, we provide long-term benefits, health care and other services. 

Nova Scotia has among the highest rates of workplace injuries in Canada. When employers take steps to provide a safe work environment, it not only keeps workers safe, it can reduce workers' compensation costs for employers.

The following will help you get acquainted with us and how we do business:

Enhanced Phone Features

Your time is valuable. There are a number of self-serve account access options available to you through our phone system any time of day. You can access your account balance, request a clearance letter, change account information, request a seasonal temporary discontinuation and report your payroll, any time. Simply follow the prompts when you call. You will still be able to speak directly to a person at any time during regular business hours.