Additional resources offered through Skills Online NS as part of Workplace Safety Strategy initiative

In partnership with CBDC Nova Scotia, the Skills and Learning Branch of the Department of Labour and Advanced Education has been facilitating continued learning for all Nova Scotia communities and workplaces through Skills Online NS, a freely accessible online learning platform that can be found at

The Education and Training Pillar of Nova Scotia’s Workplace Safety Strategy, has taken advantage of this resource to update existing safety content, and to develop an additional introductory workplace health and safety learning bundle.  The result is the new “Safety Planner for Nova Scotia Workplaces."


In alignment with the Workplace Safety Strategy’s 2015 Small Business Safety Toolkit, the safety planner is designed to help Nova Scotia’s employers be able to more easily navigate and access the information and resources they need to implement and maintain a strong safety program within their 

This initiative, in combination with the others offered through the Strategy, will continue to move our province closer to our vision to being the safest place to work in Canada.