New Podcast Launches - WorkShift hosted by Stuart MacLean (May 9/22)

Connecting with safety leaders to influence best practice approaches that prevent injuries and support safe and timely return to work is the main thrust behind WCB Nova Scotia’s ongoing strategic outreach activities. Up until now, most of these conversations happened one-on-one, virtually or in person. This week, the WCB will ramp up our efforts to reach more safety leaders, with the launch of our new podcast.

WorkShift is hosted by Stuart MacLean, CEO, WCB Nova Scotia. In each episode, Stuart will talk with leaders from a variety of sectors and backgrounds, to hear the stories behind their successes, and to share health and safety leadership insights that listeners can apply in their own workplaces.

“Building safety culture starts with strong leaders,” says Stuart. “This podcast will talk to seasoned leaders about the challenges they have faced, and the key lessons they have learned along the way. The goal is to bring forward insights that listeners can use.”

In the first episode, Stuart welcomes guests Danny Cavanagh, President of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour and Alex Keaveny, Senior Crown Counsel for the Public Prosecution Service to talk about the legacy of the Westray disaster, the progress over the last 30 years, and what still needs to be done both to prevent fatalities, and to ensure workplaces are accountable.

“This podcast is a new way to connect with the people, issues and ideas that are shaping workplace health and safety in this province, through a medium that’s modern and accessible,” says Stuart. Future episodes will include topics like workplace psychological safety, prevention and return to work in the health care sector, and diversity and inclusion in a workplace safety context.
You can listen to WorkShift now on Apple Podcasts and on Spotify.