Potential Facebook Messenger Scam (Sept. 20/22)

We have been made aware of a possible scam on Facebook Messenger targeting Nova Scotians pretending to be from WCB Nova Scotia. 

According to the reports, Nova Scotians are being offered large sums, such as $10,000, if they pay $500 up front. 
Based on information from the Better Business Bureau, this is similar to other scams happening in Canada. 
WCB Nova Scotia will never, under any circumstances, ask for payment of funds from a worker, as a condition of receipt of workers' compensation benefits. 

We will also never contact those we serve through any social media channel with regard to their individual claim, service provider relationship, or employer account. 
Please report any suspicious activity such as this to the administrators of the social media channel, and contact the appropriate authorities. If the scam mentions WCB Nova Scotia please notify us immediately at 1-800-870-3331 or info@wcb.ns.ca
More context follows at the links below, including how to protect yourself online. 

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Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca)