Summary of Stakeholder Input on WCB Nova Scotia Strategic Plan 2016-2020 (Jan 5/15)

The WCB is developing a new Strategic Plan 2016-2020 and as part of the process, we asked stakeholders to share their thoughts on the WCB’s priorities for the next five years.  Overall, hundreds of Nova Scotians representing organizations and individuals across the province shared their feedback. 

Summary of Input on WCB Nova Scotia's Strategic Plan 2016-2020: This paper provides a high-level summary of the input we have received now that the first phase of the consultation process is complete.  

Informed by the feedback we have heard, the next step is to consider this input and begin to identify initiatives that will help achieve the WCB’s strategic goals.  A draft strategic plan will be developed over the next few months.  Once the draft plan is complete, there will be an opportunity for a stakeholder review before the draft plan is finalized.  More details on this aspect of the consultation process will be provided in the coming months.