WCB introduces new phone features and expands direct deposit (Dec 7/15)

December 7 - As part of our ongoing service evolution, WCB Nova Scotia has made changes to how workers receive eligible benefits and what information can be accessed through our phone system. 

Direct deposit is now available as a secure method of payment for more types of benefits, including monthly long-term benefits such as pensions, as well as temporary benefits and payments for medical and travel expenses covered by the WCB. While direct deposit has been available to some workers for some time, these process changes mean that more workers are able to receive their eligible benefits quickly, securely, and with fewer delays.

Callers to WCB Nova Scotia will also notice a different format when they call as of December 5. Thanks to recent phone enhancements, it’s now easier for workers, employers and service providers to access specific types of information when they call. Using secure, self-serve phone options, callers can access some basic claim and account information, and make changes to their accounts.

Our stakeholders have told us we need to change in order to better meet their needs, and these changes are part of WCB’s commitment to service evolution outlined in its 2016-2020  Strategic Plan. Future enhancements include adding online portals and other online capabilities for workers, employers and service providers in 2016.


For more information about what benefits are available for direct deposit, visit www.wcb.ns.ca/directdeposit .

A closer look at our new phone features

Workers, employers and service providers can now access a number of features from our new phone system. During regular business hours, callers can still speak directly to a person at any time by pressing 0.

  • Workers can check their payment amounts and dates, payment processing dates, pension payment dates, as well as leave a secure voicemail with changes to personal information. All you need is your claim number, last three digits of your health card number and your date of birth when you call.
  • Employers can check their account information, report payroll, request a clearance letter, change account info, and more. You will need your 9-digit business number and 2-digit division number ready when you call.
  • Tiered Service Providers will be able to check invoice processing dates.