WCB modernization helps reduce red tape burden for NS businesses (Jan 24/19)

Today, the Office Regulatory Affairs and Service Effectiveness released a final progress report, Reducing the Burden to Business, which references work WCB Nova is doing to modernize and become easier to do business with. 

We're very pleased to be part of this report, and to be doing our part in contributing to the reduction of administrative burden to Nova Scotia businesses, as part of our modernization to benefit everyone we serve.

When employers spend less time on red tape and administration, they have more time to spend on prevention and return to work. And that benefits everyone.

Our modernization initiative will make things easier for employers, and will save them time in filling out WCB paperwork. But, more importantly, it's the right thing to do for all Nova Scotians. Workers and their families, along with service providers, will all benefit from the improvements we're making, which will make us much easier to do business with.

You can find the government news release here and the report here