WCB Nova Scotia evolves executive team with a view to the future (Feb. 22/21)

* Full biographies and head shots linked below

WCB Nova Scotia is starting 2021 with additions and changes to the executive team, renewing emphasis on the importance of injury prevention, while focusing its sights on a new challenge facing the system – claim durations.  

Dennita Fitzpatrick has been named Vice President, Prevention and Return to Work, a new executive role which will allow for a clear leadership focus on creating better outcomes when it comes to return to work, and also continue progress made in prevention. 

The executive team will also include a new role of Associate Vice President, Strategy and Technology. In this position, Marcy Dalton will support the implementation of the WCB’s innovation framework, as the organization embraces a new strategic future powered by new operating systems.

WCB Nova Scotia CEO Stuart MacLean says the changes he’s making to the executive team are driven by a simple, stark reality: To continue reducing the impact of workplace injury in our province, WCB will need to think differently, and tackle long-standing challenges in new ways.

“Working with stakeholders, workers, and employers across the province, there has been incredible progress in recent years,” MacLean says. “At the same time, we also know the challenges of the future will demand something different.”

In addition to the new roles, in a reorganization of portfolios, Wendy Griffin becomes Vice President, Service Excellence, and Shelley Rowan becomes Vice President, People and Strategy, with the AVP role reporting to her.

“We’ve truly come a long way in Nova Scotia when it comes to workplace safety, as well as the financial sustainability of our organization,” MacLean adds.  “As we complete our business transformation, we’re ready to evolve our structure to make the most of opportunities in the future, especially in supporting timely and safe return to work.”

Rounding out the executive team are Chief Financial Officer, Maureen Boyd, and Director, Governance and Legal Services, Brad Fraser.  

“New portfolios and an overall refreshed approach will inject new thinking, fresh ideas, and the capacity for us to be our best in the coming years,” MacLean says. “There is an incredible depth of talent on the leadership team, and it makes me confident as we look forward to what the future holds.” 

Stuart MacLean - CEO
Shelley Rowan - VP, People and Strategy
Wendy Griffin - VP, Service Excellence
Dennita Fitzpatrick - VP, Prevention and Return to Work
Marcy Dalton - AVP, Strategy and Technology
Maureen Boyd - CFO
Brad Fraser - Director, Governance and Legal Services