Nova Scotia’s doctors are important WCB service providers and partners in healthy return-to-work outcomes.

Physicians and WCB Nova Scotia work together to support injured workers to return to work, prescribing time off only when there is a medical reason and participating fully in a team-based return-to-work process that readily considers modified work as part of an effective recovery plan.

In order to be effective, injury management decisions need to incorporate contemporary knowledge about the positive role that work plays in an injured worker’s recovery, and must consider and leverage the physician’s influence.

In support of this relationship we offer the following resource. This reference will expand over time to ensure continued strengthening of this relationship.

Physicians Reference Guide: We’ve developed a Physicians Reference Guide that provides you with everything you need to know about WCB approaches, processes, programs and more. This guide will become an interactive tool in the near future for easier access to the information.